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Stone Radiators

Stone radiators are becoming a new trend in the UK and Europe since the technology and manufacturing process has been refined to make beautiful and eco-friendly pieces, perfect for all kinds of interiors.

This page will showcase the finest stone radiators and stone heaters the UK has to offer. Our primary stone radiator supplier is called Maarmo and is based in the Province of Treviso, Italy. have been working with Maarmo for many years and have built a brilliant relationship and work closely with the designers and business development managers to work on products that are suitable for the UK as well as Italy.

We are seeing a strong increase in the popularity of these unique pieces and the diversity of colour and finish options certainly plays a big part of this. The Heatquick Stone range from Maarmo is manufactured from the powders that cutting quality marble creates as natural waste. These poders are collected, thickened with water and hand-casted in moulds leaving zero waste behind. The setting process is performed at low heat ensuring these stone radiators are the most sustainable heating product around. We are extremely proud to be working with a brand and product like this as we always look to improve our carbon footprint.

HeatQuick Toscana Stone Radiator:

HeatQuick - Toscana Stone Radiator

The HeatQuick Stone Toscana is our most popular stone radiator. With columns of rough looking stone that resembles mountain ranges from above but are smooth to the touch, it is easy to see why this design has captured the eye of interior designers looking for something unique but effortlessly stylish. This radiator is available in any RAL colour for a small extra charge, allowing it to be extremely versatile and able to fit in to a wide array of interiors and settings. With 4 sizes to choose from and central heating, Electric or Dual Fuel options, this piece of artwork is more versatile than you would think and with upto 4776 BTUs, it has brawn as well as beauty. 

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