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Radiator Inspiration

Gone are the days where you had to hide your eye sore of a radiator behind other pieces of furniture, gone are the days where a beautifully decorated room is brought down to Earth with a bump due to the flaking, metal heat source that sits on the main wall, clunking away every time the heating is switched on. For now we have a new era, a new era of designer, sleek and dare I say radiators. No you are right, sexy is too far, it is still a radiator  BUT the market has shifted and now a radiator can be used to enhance your interior design rather than hinder it. With many suppliers now offering a wide range of colours and the designer radiators coming in elegant and artistic shapes and finishes, with a little vision you can find a radiator to be proud of and one that deserves to take centre space rather than hidden away.

Hi, Let us truly inspire you with our fancy shapes, vivid colours and elegant finishes. Find the perfect heating solution that not only warms the air but improves the view too.
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