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General Radiator Questions

What is the difference between a manual valve and a thermostatic valve?

A Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) is a valve that allows you to control the temperature of a room by adjusting how much heat the radiator in the room emits by turning the dial, usually a 1-5 (low to high) heat rating.

A manual valve is a simple on or off valve meaning you cannot control the temperature like you can with a TRV valve. When the manual valve is set to “on” the radiator will get hotter and hotter until it reaches the set temperature on your thermostat.

Does have a showroom I could visit?

We have a showroom in Bracknell, Berkshire showcasing many of our Towelrads brand.

Alternatively have a look around the show room using Google Streetview – Showroom

Which Element should I choose?

We have a wide range of elements on offer and below is the difference between each style;

Smart Thermostatic elements are able to offer five temperature settings with temperatures from 30c to 65c other functionality are such things as 2hr boost, 12/24 hour recurring timer. The element also has active safety features built in with the temperature sensor and thermal fuse which initiates in the event of dry radiator operating. The smart thermostatic element also offers frost protection.

Smart Non-Thermostatic elements are a little different with a small simple control which allows a consistent temperature of 65c. The non-thermostatic element does offer the same safety features as above with the temperature sensor and thermal fuse built in.

Smart Thermostatic with remote elements are similar to the smart thermostatic elements with a few added extras, with these elements you are still able to regulate the temperature and also has the built-in protection like the other elements available. This element does have a drying function were your able to set the temperature and timings between 1-4 hours and with the remote that is supplied you are able to set all these functions with ease.

Smart 43D elements maintain a consistent temperature of 43c and also includes a 2-hour drying function. This element also includes the added protection of the built-in temperature sensor and thermal fuse which protects it against over heating or dropping below 5-7c.

Do I need a T-Piece?

The T-Piece is used for dual fuel radiator set up which lets you connect it to the central heating along with an element fitted, with easy installation, durability and functionality. The selection of finishes allows you to match perfectly with the radiator of your choice.

What’s the difference between a Towel Rail and a Radiator?

This is a question that is asked a lot of time when it all depends on the aesthetics you want and the function you are using it for. For instance, if you’re looking to heat up your bathroom a radiator is the best choice, although both a radiator and a towel rail are more than adequate to heat up the room the radiator generally will have a higher BTU which means a higher heat output. This is when it comes down to your choice; a towel rail is designed to hang towels where as most of the time a radiator will be unable to hold more than 1 towel it also depends on the room for example you wouldn’t put a towel rail in the living room but a radiator would.

What is a Duel Fuel rail?

A duel fuel rail is usually made up of a rail, element and a T-piece. (there are TRV valves available that incorporate a T-Piece on our site for a cleaner finish) the entirety is plumbed into your central heating system allowing it to be heated by your central heating system; it also has an electrical element so it can still be used when your central heating system is not active this is combined by using the T-Piece. In the summer months most central heating systems are switch off. To keep the benefits of a heated rail during the summer when the central heating system is off is to use your fitted element to heat the rail at the times you need it.

What are pipe sleeves for?

Pipe sleeves are for aesthetics only. Match the finish of your radiator or make them blend in to the background, it is purely down to your preference. All pipe sleeves do is cover the pipes that come from the floor/wall and in to your radiator.


Do you offer a Trade Account service with extra discount?

We currently do not offer a Trade Account service, we simply try to keep all of our prices as low as we can across the board.

Do you accept American Express?

Yes, we can take secure American Express payments at the checkout. Simply select pay by credit card and enter your details.

Can I pay using Paypal?

Yes, there is a pay by Paypal option at the checkout.


How long until my radiator is delivered?

We pride ourselves with having a very fast and efficient delivery service here at Many of our radiators and accessories can be next day delivery. Please check the list below for our estimated delivery times based on the different suppliers we stock.

All products are dispatched from their respective manufacturers with their given lead times if the item is in stock. All items are held on the UK Mainland.

  • HeatQuick - Fast 1-2 day delivery (usually next working day!)
  • DQ - 1-2 day delivery
  • Accuro Korle - 1-2 day delivery
  • Terma - 1-2 day delivery
  • Eucotherm -  1-2  day delivery
  • Delonghi - 1-2 day delivery
  • Ultraheat -  Up to 4 working day delivery
  • Reina - 1-3 day delivery
  • Kudox - Up to 5 working days delivery

- Orders containing multiple items may be delivered separately, as they could be coming from multiple locations. Where possible these will be grouped into one delivery day but this can’t always be achieved.

- All orders received before 2pm will be processed the same day and delivery information will be provided within 24hrs. You will receive an email with these details once available.

- Deliveries to locations outside mainland UK will incur an extra charge and take longer than normal to complete. Please contact us to get a delivery quote before placing your order. We will inform you to the best of our knowledge of these longer delivery times upon ordering.

- Any issues with a delivery or if you would like to amend your delivery destination please reply to the order confirmation with the relevant query.

How much is shipping?

We offer free delivery on all orders here at