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We are proud to be working with so many superb brands here at, we work closely with them all to ensure we pass on the products and the information to our customers in the best way we can. If you need any more information or have seen a product that you can't find here then please do get in touch with us at and we will do our best to find a solution for you.
Find the very best in indoor heating brands such HeatQuick, DQ Heating, Delonghi, Ultraheat, Eucotherm, Reina, Kudox and The Radiator Company. We only work with brands that we know and trust to provide quality products and a brilliant service, you can buy in confidence, knowing you are getting the quality and the heat (BTU) that it advertised.

Heatquick radiators and towel radiators are our best-selling brand, offering trusted, tested, high quality radiators at unbeatable prices and free next day delivery!
Reina: Offering both contemporary and classical styles, Reina have something for all interiors and budgets.
DQ Heating are a leading UK supplier of Designer Radiators, Towel Rails and Heating Accessories and also offer a huge selection of coloured finishes to suit any interior.
Ultraheat are the panel radiator specialists and pride themselves on their high-quality engineering.
Accuro Korle
A small range of high-quality radiators and towel radiators. The Champagne is a top seller and the Excel perfect for those looking for a stand out piece.
Eucotherm offer unique style and elegance with their super range of radiators and towel radiators.
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Kudox have a strong reputation for manufacturing high quality and design led radiators and towel rails.
The Raidator Company
20 years experience of providing the best in contemporary radiators and towel rails for all types of homes.