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  1. Six of the Best Towel Radiators

    Towel radiators are available for all budgets and in a wide range of styles. Here are six of the very best.
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  2. How To Adjust The Temperature On Heated Towel Rails

    How To Adjust The Temperature On Heated Towel Rails
    Heated towel radiators can be both a joy and a source of great mystery - just how do you adjust the temperature? In this post, we answer that very question.
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  3. Six of the Best Copper Radiators

    Copper radiators are a revelation. They are affordable, highly efficient and yet look luxurious - all this from a metal that is neither precious or new. Here, we look at six of the very best.
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  4. Thermostatic Radiator Valves Guide

    Thermostatic radiator valves - what are they, what are the pros and cons of this type of valve and which are the best TRVs for your budget? All that in this post.
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  5. Seven of the Best Designer Radiators

    Designer radiators can be a focal point of any room, providing both style and function. In this post, we look at seven of the best with choices for every budget.
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  6. How To Fit Designer Radiators

    Designer radiators can be an excellent way to add character to a room, turning a functional piece of furniture into something truly stylish but are they easy to fit? We take a look.
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  7. Back to black: Anthracite Radiators

    Anthracite radiators have seen a recent surge in popularity as homeowners look to add stylish radiators in rooms rather than just functional ones. But which ones to choose from so many stylish black radiators. We run the rule over some of the best to help you
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  8. How Do Radiator Valves Work?

    Different types of radiator valve are now available to all, ranging from the simplest of options through to valves that facilitate bespoke heating control for rooms through wifi and bluetooth enabled apps. But how exactly do they work? Learn more in this post.
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  9. How To Calculate How Many Radiators You Need

    How many radiators do you need for your rooms? See how you work this out using BTUs plus our easy to use BTU calculator is profiled.
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  10. Six Of Our Favourite Designer Radiators For Under £300

    There was a time radiators looked the polar opposite of 'designer'. And there then was a time great looking radiaors were very expensive. Now you can see fabulous designer radiators for under 300 pounds.
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