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  1. Let's Talk About Electric Radiators

    Electric radiators are no longer a thing of the past. For some households they are the perfect heating solution and there are a number of reasons why more people are now choosing electric solutions.

    The electric radiator can heat up any room and are available in a variety of different styles, sizes and colours.

    How do electric radiators work?

    Electric radiators are filled with a thermodynamic fluid that when electricity is passed through, expands and heats up. This heat is radiated onto the surface of the radiator which in turn warms the air in the room.

    There are a number of different types of electric radiators including, plugin radiators, infrared heaters as well as smart electric radiators. You can buy electric radiators from our online shop.

    Electric Radiators- Atlantic Heat

    Atlantic Heat, is an innovative electric heating company who

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  2. A New Radiator - A Great, Practical Gift

    At the start of a relationship, Christmas or birthday gifts tend to be big, romantic gestures. Jewellery, watches, guitars. Items for pleasure or things to further a special interest. Of course, we carry on buying thoughtful gifts but a different type of gift also creeps in. The gift that is really something that is of use to the house...
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  3. Have a Traditional Radiator Christmas - And Winter

    Christmas is a time to think of tradition, both society wide traditions and those special to our family or us as individuals. This tradition can also extend to some of the most beautiful radiators...
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  4. Tall Designer Radiators

    Tall Designer Radiators
    If you want your radiator to be a bit more than just a source of heat, to be stylish and potentially a key feature in the room, then a tall designer radiator can be a superb option. Here are some of the very best.
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  5. Best Designer Radiators For Living Rooms

    Best Designer Radiators For Living Rooms
    The living room is perhaps the key room in the entire house and so every aspect - including the radiators - have to look great. Here are some of our favourites.
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  6. Seriously Stylish: Transform your rooms with Stone Radiators 

    Seriously Stylish: Transform your rooms with Stone Radiators 
    Stone radiators are a stunning design choice that genuinely transform any room due to their inimitable design which can resemble more wall hanging art than radiator. They also provide healthier heating too that is far more environmentally friendly (and kind on your wallet too).
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  7. Cold radiator repair - how to fix a cold radiator

    You get home or get up, turn the heating on, wait for it to kick into life and the rooms to get delightfully toasty and then…  nothing. Worry not, we have you covered. Here's how to fix a cold radiator.
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  8. How To Replace a Radiator

    In this post we will outline the steps required to replace a radiator, from preparation through to final checks that all is as should be.
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  9. How To Bleed A Radiator

    We’ve all been there - it’s winter, the heating is on, we go up to the bedroom and it’s cold. In this post we go step-by-step on how to bleed your rads.
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  10. How To Bleed A Towel Rail

    Towel radiators sometimes need to be bled in a different way to a standard rad - in this post we run through the method required.
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